streaming media sucks. let's exchange control data!

ever since there was streaming media, artists have tried to use it as a medium for art. mostly the outcome was [and still is] boring, atristically uninteresting and simply bad. ala: "hey, cool! i can hear you! so, what if i now mix my stream with yours? woah! and now you mix yours back into mine. awsome! hear the feedback?..." people, that was fun in the early nineties! it's time for something more sophisticated!

co2 is a communication framework for the exchange of control-data [initially conceived for but not limited to audio applications]. no matter what your application, as long as you can hook it up to a computer network [directly (computer program) or indirectly (through some computer interface)] it can participate, i.e. send and receive data.

co2 a project by elektro and part of's meta project localtask for graz03.
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