ludwig zeininger

musician, composer, media artist, programmer, network/system-administrator - lives and works in the dark backwoods of styria, austria
during the 1980s, lz participated in several multi media projects, played in free-jazz bands, was co-founding member of the alternative pop-band Novi*Sad.
He then studied Electroacoustics, worked as a computer / network / sound technician for many art projects, realised independent projects - sound installations, collaborations with other musicians, web projects and programming.
Artist and participant at Hybrid Workspace (documenta X, Kassel, 1997), Recycling the Future (Kunstradio, Vienna, 1997), Open X (Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, 1997 + 98), Liquid Music (Judenburg, 2002, 2003, 2004), localtask03 (graz03/, 2003).



follow-up to re//konstruktion at liquid music / juTOPIA
project by cym, additional programming and sound by lz.

--> liquid music 2004

streaming media sucks. let's exchange control data!
elektro's project for localtask

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tempest @ der 3. ort

tempest performance at liquid music / der 3. ort

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--> liquid music 2003

an interactive 3d-environment by cym at liquid-music / overview.
sound system by lz.

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--> liquid music 2002
sonicno gledisce

sonic point of view
a modular sound installation by borut savski.
performative intervention by lz at the opening at kapelica galeria.

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patriarchal poetry

dance for daisies - eine revue für gertrude
a series of generative compositons based upon extracts of texts by gertrude stein.
[with elisabeth schimana, commissioned by orf kunstradio]

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practical samples of hard- and software misuse, guided by the strict intention of making music.
[with norbert math, commissioned by orf kunstradio for the broadcast-series re-play update, available on CD from tonto]

--> [the band that emerged from this project]
--> RE-PLAY UPDATE #6 [kura]
elevator music
taylor-made muzak

two-in-one project for steirische landesausstellung 2000 comm.gr2000az and an instructive article on generative music software vs. humans composing in the age of muzak.
... all documentation lost ... code does not run anymore ... maybe i can dig up the recordings when i get round to it ...


" a dynamic listening and performative environment; a system of three dimensional sound control."
[with borut savski, and john grzinich]

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"We present a selection of META tag keywords collected on the web recently, read by a computer (for which the text was originally written and placed on the world wide web) with live musical accompaniment."
[with sergio messina, commissioned by orf kunstradio]

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electropathological consort

foundation of epc
[with sergio messina and andrew garton]

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birnen und preiselbeeren [rm]
auer house [rm]
abenteuer im wwwunderland [rm]

3 episodes for kunstradio's radio sitcom 'familie auer'
[birnen und preiselbeeren with horst zachmann]

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